Ramming Mass

We are the manufacturer of Ramming Mass to give material as per the furnace capacity and make of the user. The Ramming Mass of the mix is optimized keeping in view the furnace make and capacity, thus giving maximum and best results. Ramming mix is characterized by thermal stability, corrosion resistance and wear resistance because it contains fewer binders, fire clay, and moisture compared to plastic refractories. Recommended for lining the iron melting coreless induction furnace. Premixed with a binder to customer's specifications. Maximum recommended use limit-3274°F(1700°C). Various grades of Ramming Mass Keeping in view the different needs, different types of scraps, end products, and several other factors.

State Powder
Grade a1
Material powder and grains
Application Area induction furnace
Grain Size 0-7 mm
Temperature 1720
Type refractory
Service Temp 1720
Usage/Application steel industry
Color White
Sio2 98.5-99.5 %

We have got different grades:

  • Normal: This is the widely used grade of Silica Ramming Mix. Silica content here is in the range of 97.50 % to 99 %. This is the cheapest grade available. But performance is the best in its category.
  • Normal Premix: This is the pre-mixed version. We mix Boric Acid as per customer requirements, although most common in India is 1.1 %.